Can I order for delivery different kinds of bulk materials?

We are not always able to combine different bulk materials for delivery. Please call to review your order request at 412-369-4704

Is the mulch treated for bugs and termites?

No. Mulch is always in spontaneous combustion which means the natural heat eliminates any bugs or termites.

Where Are You Located?

We are located in Ross Township off of Rochester Rd, next to the Rochester Inn! 
533 Rochester Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Do You sell to the General Public?

YES, Formerly Wholesale Mulch And Gravel, but we are not
 a wholesale company! We recently rebranded, and are now WMG Garden Supply. 

How Far in Advanced do I call in to order a mulch delivery?

WMG Garden Supply offers Quick Delivery Service! Within 24hr delivery available, same day pick up service. No need to Order weeks in advance. We can provide same day delivery if you get orders in by 12 (within 7 -Miles delivery radius).

Best Product for Planting Grass?

First you need fresh nutrient rich soil! We suggest our Screen OrganicTopsoil.
Next you want place down our EZ Straw.
Lastly spread our All Purpose Penn State Grass Seed 5LB Bag.