Benefits of Mulching


Any season is a great time to act on your mulch garden ideas.

Mulch in Spring

If you want to know when to mulch to get the most benefits for your garden, experts recommend laying mulch after spring planting. Knowing how to lay mulch properly in spring can help:

  • Control weeds
  • Enrich soil nutrients
  • Retain moisture
  • Insulate plants from freeze and heavy rains
  • Add visual appeal

We recommend our Triple Cocoa Black Mulch because it absorbs heat on warm, sunny days and slows the evaporation of water from soil.

Mulch in Autumn and Winter

Spreading mulch in autumn or winter months helps create a firm space to assist plants from shifting too much as water in the soil freezes, thaws and then refreezes.

We recommend our Screened Topsoil and Compost along with our Cherry Brown Mulch to ensure a healthy nutrient rich yard.

Other Times to Mulch

If used around a yard or a contained area such as flower beds or a mailbox, apply mulch whenever you want to enhance landscaping and curb appeal. When organic mulch has fully decomposed down into the ground it’s time to replenish and refresh.

If you have questions contact the lawn and garden experts at WMG Garden Supply at 412-369-4704.